villaVerona wines tasted with a guide-sommelier among renaissance villas, ancient churches and medieval castles

Wine is the song of earth to the sky (Luigi Veronelli)

Wine tasting is an art, and the province of Verona has always been the cradle of great wines and works of art!

Valpolicella, a beautiful landscape of hills covered with vineyards lying at the foot of the Lessini mountains, where the sun ripes bunches of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara, colouring the landscape of an intense blue-violet colour in late summer. The mild climate, the well-drained soil, the “marogne” characterizing the landscape, ancient and new villas embellishing the panorama, great red wines giving every year different emotions and scents to expert tasters and to people who simply want to drink good local wine together with traditional local dishes. It’s a simple land, loving good wine and good food, where the traditions of the past co-exist with advanced technologies to produce excellent wines.

The eastern coast of Lake Garda, where on the hills above the village of Bardolino a red wine is produced having the same name, together with an extra virgin olive oil with a delicate flavour.

The morainic hills along the southern coast of Lake Garda are the land of Lugana and Custoza wines.

The eastern part of the province of Verona, where in the area of ​​Soave white wines are produced from Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave.

The mountainous area, where land is volcanic, recently surprised us with sparkling new fresh white wines obtained from Durella grape wine.


(Wines listed below represent the territory, many other types of wine will be presented in each single wine cellar)