Guided tour
Madonna Verona

Have you ever been to Verona with a professional tour guide and want to fall in love with it at first sight, knowing the monuments that make it famous all over the world?

Castel Vecchio e Ponte Scaligero a Verona

MADONNA VERONA classical guided tour

2-hour guided tour.

This is the excursion for you! I will take you to discover the symbolic places of Verona’s present and past history.

  • Arena, Roman amphitheatre, nowadays ideal location for the opera season
  • Juliet’s balcony and house, a must for lovers and tourists from all over the world
  • Piazza Bra square, cradle of the Arena and living room of the city with its elegant Liston promenade
  • Piazza Erbe square, the heart of the ancient city, built on the Roman forum
  • Piazza dei Signori square, the former seat of the political and administrative life of the city with the monument to Dante
  • Castelvecchio and Scaliger Bridge, last residence-fortress of the Della Scala family in the city
  • Arche Scaligere, the monumental Gothic tombs of the Lords Della Scala
  • Romeo’s House, now private building