Guided tour

Visite guidate a Peschiera del Garda

Guided tour 6 hours.

Walking tour through the historical centre of Peschiera to admire its massive ramparts on water and the place where Lake Garda generates the Mincio river, his effluent. It’s a wonderful river, with deep green colours, rich in vegetation that is reflected in its waters along which further south lies the tiny hamlet called Borghetto. This old village of watermills is wrapped in a magical atmosphere with its colours, the small houses, the slow and relaxed rhythm of nature and life, where local restaurants along the river welcome visitors to taste the famous Tortellini of Valeggio together with a glass of local wine Custoza.

The  fortified Visconti Bridge in the small village is really surprising, it was a bridge-fortress  and a fortress-dam built in 1393 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti. From the hamlet we’ll have a beautiful view of the medieval castle of Valeggio standing on the hilltop.

Very close to Borghetto we’ll visit Park Sigurtà, an oasis of lush greenery and flowers in the peace and serenity of the landscape with 5 main seasonal flowerings that characterize the park: tulips, irises, water lilies, roses, asters. In the beautiful park of 60 hectares created by the union of a historical park and a modern garden we will admire the great oak, the hermitage, the eighteen water gardens, the medicinal herbs garden, the Romeo and Juliet horizontal sun dial, the labyrinth, the Castelletto, the great lawn, the magnificent avenue of roses with the medieval castle in the background. The castle was built by the Della Scalas and even if it is located outside the walls of the park, it is an integral part of its architecture. An oasis of peace, serenity and extraordinary beauty thanks to colourful combinations of flowers, plants and landscapes that give unforgettable moments of tranquillity and relax.