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How fair is Verona! It’s like a lady who becomes more stylish and attractive as years go by, although it is more than 2000 years old!
Unesco World Heritage Site, wrapped in an atmosphere of soft colours like the pink and white stone, the red marble, the yellow tuff stone, surrounded by its walls and the Adige River which have been embracing and protecting it for centuries.

A harmony of styles and ages living side by side in the three historical squares and in its monuments. Piazza Bra, the cradle of the Arena, amphitheatre built in the Roman times to house the gladiator fights and venationes and ideal stage for the opera since 1913; Piazza Erbe, the ancient Roman forum, with the colourful market of fruit, vegetables and souvenirs and the picturesque frescoed houses; Piazza dei Signori, the former seat of the political and administrative life of the city, housing the monument to Dante and welcoming us as spectators where ancient buildings surround the square like elegant stage scenery.

Juliet’s house, evidence of an eternal love that overcomes the barriers of legend to become reality in the collective imagination. The heritage of the Della Scala Lords with the castle and the bridge, the Arche Scaligere, their fourteenth-century perennial dwellings; Romanesque and Gothic churches precious as jewels that tell us about the religious vitality of Verona in the Middle Ages.

The Roman Stone Bridge and the Roman Theatre, the Gavi Arch and the Roman gates, mosaics and short stretches of Roman roads.

Every stone, every street, every monument has its own story to tell and we are ready to admire its beauty and its desire for eternity.


Classical guided tour MADONNA VERONA

Have you ever been to Verona with a professional tour guide and want to fall in love with it at first sight, knowing the monuments that make it famous all over the world? This is the excursion for you!
2-hour guided tour.
The tour can be customized.

Balcone di Giulietta a Verona


An excursion dedicated to beauty and romance.
3-hour guided tour.
The tour can be customized.


Verona is a small Rome! Crowned by the hills, crossed by the river, with a large amphitheatre, it surprises us at every corner and reminds us of its monumental past.

Roman monuments 3-hour guided tour. Roman monuments + archaeological museum 4-hour guided tour.

The tour can be customized.

Ponte Scaligero a Verona

Guided tour NEPTUNE

The city seen from the river.
3-hour guided tour.
The tour can be customized.

Chiesa di San Zeno a Verona

Guided tour SACRED ART

Art in churches and basilicas.
2/6-hour guided tour.
The tour can be customized.

Punto panoramico Verona da Castel San Pietro

Guided tour FLORA

Nature amazes us in the Giusti Garden and hill paths in Veronetta.
2/5-hour guided tour.
The tour can be customized.

Guided tour BACCHUS

Visit of the main monuments of the city and wine tasting with typical products and dishes.
3/4-hour guided tour.
The tour can be customized.