Guided tour

The city seen from the river.

Let’s see and talk about Verona from a different perspective! For centuries, the Adige river allowed the transport of goods from the Alps to the Adriatic sea, the city has always lived with the river and on the river until the construction of the walls in the late nineteenth century.
There were many professions related to water that made the city prosper for centuries, the floating mills characterized the landscape on the river, the “regaste”, the draining machines, the local rafts, the markets, fishing economy, churches and monasteries built near the river, the ancient and modern bridges: let yourself be enveloped by an unforgettable experience in contact with water.


Rafting along the Adige river


On foot following the river

#1 guided tour

Guided tour 3 hours.

Rafting along the Adige river in inflatable boats conducted by an experienced river guide of the Italian Rafting Federation, talking about the use of the river in the past. We’ll be fascinated by picturesque views on the facades of palaces that overlook the river, the old 14th century castle Castelvecchio and its bridge, Saint Leonard and Saint Peter’s hills. It will be exciting  to pass under the bridges, especially the Roman stone bridge!

We recommend to bring with you sports clothes with spare shoes and trousers.

#2 guided tour

Guided tour 3 hours.

On foot by following the path of the river in the old city.