Guided tour

Let’s discover Valpolicella wines among renaissance villas and ancient churches.

Tasting tour in a villa or in a cellar with different wines, typical dishes and cold cuts. Guided tour of one or two cellars, vineyard and ancient villa.

Horizontal and vertical tastings.

Guided tour 2-8 hours.


VALPOLICELLA DOC: a ruby ​​red wine with scents of red flowers and black cherries, fresh and pleasantly tannic. VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE is released after a year of ageing. Compared to VALPOLICELLA it has a higher alcohol content, lower acidity and greater roundness.

VALPOLICELLA RIPASSO: a deep ruby ​​red colour wine, gentle, with elegant  touches of ripe fruit, spices and notes of vanilla. It is obtained thanks to the traditional technique of “ripasso”.

AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA: it’s the king of Valpolicella wines, a great red  dry and very soft wine, made out of dried grapes. It has an intense garnet-red colour with black cherry, blackcurrant, violet, chocolate and spices notes. Amarone is great paired with local dishes or as a pleasant “meditation wine”.

RECIOTO DELLA VALPOLICELLA: a great dessert wine obtained by drying the grapes and an exceptional “conversation wine” as we like to say here, of intense purple colour becoming burgundy while ageing, warm, sweet and velvety. It is particularly suited for local dessert pairings and as a pleasant “meditation wine”.